Course Syllabus

Course Description

This class is for the student who has specific athletic/sport goals with reference to sport-specific training and conditioning.  It is assumed that you are in this class because you are an athlete and you want to train with a sport-specific program so that you can increase your athleticism and become a more successful athlete in your sport.  This class requires a high degree of motivation; therefore, it is not for the athlete who doesn't feel motivated to do anything to become better.

As your strength coach, I am available to help you train effectively.  I am not here to babysit you.  I can and will help you reach your goal but actually achieving that goal is up to you!

Classroom Management/Learning Materials

There is no textbook for this course.  You will be required to access clips of various sports training modes in canvas to learn proper technique prior to certain class days where that training mode will be featured.  You are expected to be engaged in training when you are in the weight room and/or multi-purpose room.

Cadet Materials

The required materials for this course include:

PT gear

A formal training program

Necessary sports equipment (much of this is supplied by your strength coach)

Note cards

Optional materials may include:

Wireless earbuds, knee wraps, wrist wraps, gloves, water bottle, weight belt and any other desired equipment you want to use that is not supplied by your strength coach.

Instructional Organization

Class will begin at the tardy bell.  At 5 min. after the tardy bell you will begin a dynamic stretch routine, which will be guided by your strength coach until you have learned it.  At that point, the cadet serving as class leader at the time will conduct the dynamic stretch routine.  After the warm-up routine cadets will be responsible for training on an approved program in class.  You are expected to be fully engaged in your training program.  At 10 min. to the dismissal bell you should begin your static cool down stretch routine.  After 2 to 3 min. of static stretching you will be dismissed to go to the locker room to change your clothes.  When you exit the locker room you will return to the weight room to wait for the dismissal bell unless it has already rung.

There are videos clips or links to external websites that you will review at times in preparation for class. These resources are demonstrations of proper exercise technique.  In class, after viewing these resources, you will be expected to ask questions you need resolved and to perform the exercise in proper form.

When assigned to watch a video clip you are required to list at least five training exercises that you will use as part of your training program in class and you will explain why you have chosen those particular exercises.  You will do this on a note card that you will turn into me.

You will record your daily training (participation) on a progress log.  You will need this every day in class and you will turn it in at the end of each week.  Your participation points will be awarded according to this chart.  Not training and making stuff up on your chart will be noted through my observation of the class and appropriate points will be deducted from your participation score.  

You are graded on three categories in this course. They are:

  • Full engagement in training (participation)
  • Note cards
  • A percentage of improvement in specified categories of athleticism from semester start to semester end  

Absences and Make-Up Policy

When you are absent you must make up your absence by completing a workout outside of class.  If you do not have access to a gym outside of class you may complete some other type of legitimate workout.  This workout must  be logged and signed by a legal guardian and then submitted to me for points to be awarded for that absence.

Rules and Consequences

All UMA rules concerning conduct, dress, and academic integrity apply in and out of the classroom. The UMA Cadet Guide is a great place to familiarize yourself with expectations.

Although it is appropriate to socialize in the weight room, it is something that you are engaged in as you are working out.  Participation is not awarded to a cadet who spends his time merely socializing with no real training being done.  This kind of behavior will only be tolerated long enough for the cadet to have a chance to change it.  If the change does not occur then the cadet will be assigned to a different class by a counselor.

Cell phones are NOT allowed in class.  You may use wireless earbuds for music if you want. 

Rules specific to the weight room/multi-purpose training area include:

1.  Water only unless sports drink is in a water bottle with a secure cap.

2.  No food allowed.

3.  No horseplay...this is a safety concern.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:


Coach Harman

Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Athletic Director

Utah Military Academy; Hill Dale Campus

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